Peace of mind when you need it the most…

Peace of mind starting from as little as only £13.00 per month. That’s less than 46p per day and ensures that we are here for you when you will need us the most. For such a small investment, it’s just not worth the risk of being without heating and hot water.

365 call out

Emergency call out 365 days of the year

Priority booking

You’ll be fast tracked to the front of the queue if you have a boiler issue

Cover options to suit your needs

We have 6 care plans to choose from

Warm and comfortable home

Why do I need a care plan?

As homeowners, we tend not to think about the importance of our heating system, until a problem occurs.

Costs can vary for a boiler repair and you can expect to pay around £150 for minor repair up to £1000 for a more severe problem, such as replacing the heat exchanger.

Here at Croston Plumbing & Heating, we wanted to outline a number of reasons why you should be considering a care plan for your home:

Boilers can be expensive to repair

We touched on this point above, but it’s crucial to understand that repairs can be very expensive and a lot of the time is an unplanned household expense that can be avoided or minimised.

Service your boiler annually to prevent problems

Regularly servicing your boiler before or after the winter months will prepare it for the next season, helping it to function properly.

Provides peace of mind

When you are paying your monthly care plan amount, you are “buying” yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered in the event of a boiler problem.

It saves you money

In the event that you don’t have a care plan and need to call out an emergency engineer, call out rates can vary but again are never normally a planned expense

Like with many choices within your home, the decision on whether to arrange a care plan will depend on numerous factors. Many like to have the peace of mind of having a care plan in place as it gives them the reassurances that should problems occur, they don’t have the nasty surprise of unplanned financial costs.


Step 1.

Our gas engineers will come to your property and survey your boiler and heating system.

Step 2.

We may instruct you that work is required on your boiler or heating system before the cover plan can commence.

Step 3.

Our office will make contact with you to arrange a convenient time to get your boiler serviced

Step 4.

Your agreement is reviewed annually, to ensure it meets our minimum requirements. We will write to you with any changes.

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