Underfloor Heating

Hidden from sight giving you the space to create luxurious heat without compromise on interior design.

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Underfloor heating

Wet system – Central Heating

Underfloor heating is increasingly becoming a highly efficient way to heat the home. Most new build properties today will have the specification of UFCH (Under floor central heating), because of the lower running costs and improved comfort levels.

Warm and safe for your family

What are the benefits?

Lower running costs

The circulating water is only 40 degrees not 80 degrees as it is in a traditional radiator system.

No cold spots in the room

The heat is generated from the floor area, in which the pipework laid will cover most of the room

Installed with any floor covering

If you to choose floor tiles they will still be nice and cosy to walk on

Less Noise

No creaking pipes or heating radiator noise.
Virtually silent when in use.

More living area

Free up wall space, with no radiators you will have more choice with your interior design

More comfort

Using radiant heat, warming the fabric of the building making your home feel more cosy

Better for your health

Less air movement & moisture can reduce dust. There will be no hot radiators to cover.

Reduce environmental impact

Compatible with renewable heat sources, heat pumps & solar panels

Reduce heating bills

The lower water temperature of underfloor heating can reduce energy consumption & costs

Electric Underfloor Heating

For smaller areas such as bathrooms there is an option of installing electric underfloor heating which would be much more cost effective based on a smaller area. This would usually be a mat that is placed on top of an insulated board to allow the heat to transfer up rather than down, fed to a programmable room thermostat on the outside of the room to control the floor temperature. Basically in this system we would use a wire to heat the room rather than a pipe, this also means it doesn’t raise the floor level as much as pipework.

Level Flooring for Underfloor Heating

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